Hall of Fame

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1980**Chet FoucheJuly 19Spokane*
1980**Phil GigerJuly 19Spokane*
1980**Art WeaverJuly 19Spokane*
1981 Hal HuskinsonJuly 18Spokane
1981 Charles (Dee) MooreJuly 18Spokane
1982 E K Knott JrJuly 17Bremerton
1982**Erv WalkerJuly 17Bremerton
1983 Keith BinderJuly 16Seattle
1984 Norm AndersonJuly 14Spokane
1984**Jack PaxsonJuly 14Spokane
1985 Glenda TreeJuly 13Bremerton
1985 Ron TreeJuly 13Bremerton
1986**Tom DurkanJuly 19Seattle
1989 Roy Whipple JrAug 5Bremerton
1989**Alden HansonAug 5Bremerton
1990**Virgil WitteAug 4Custer
1991**Ken LouieAug 3Spokane
1993**Dave FunesAug 7Custer
1995**Court BallJuly 31Bremerton
1996 Jeff VanDenTopJuly 27Custer
1997 Dennis JohnsonJuly 26Spokane
1998 Bruce JonesAug 1Bremerton
1999 Barbara ClarkJuly 29Custer
2000 Roy WatanabeJuly 29Fort Lewis
2001 Clyde SimmonsJuly 28Spokane
2002 Dick KullbergJuly 27Custer
2006 Bill FisherJuly 29Seattle
2006 Erv HumeJuly 29Seattle
2007 Joe WardJuly 28Spokane
2008 Mike ParrJuly 26Lynden
2009 Mike MusgaAug 1Seattle

*1980 induction held at Spokane during the Weaver and as a dedication of the WSSA Hall-Of-Fame