Be Aware of Phishing Scam

This morning I received a note from a friend and longtime state officer asking me to pay a vendor on behalf of the club. The note gave a simple excuse that he was busy and a bill was late and that I’d be paid back immediately. The phishing e-mail was very high quality, in good English and quite casual. Something I half believed might be real. Within 10 minutes I had placed direct calls to that person to confirm that it was a phishing scam(i.e. not a real request) and did what I could to broadcast out the scam to head off anyone falling for this.

Please everyone be extra cautious with all communications you receive asking for any type of financial transaction. The best thing you can do in all circumstances is to take no direct action back to the requester, ignore, or independently verify all correspondences by contacting that person. In my case I called them directly to confirm what I suspected.

I am aware that other clubs have been phished in a similar fashion. So far I am not aware of any major financial loss anywhere. Be careful, it’s a jungle out there…

PSA – Good online source for skeet ammo

I have been checking out a few of the major websites selling skeet ammo and ordered a few cases here/there. Mostly Remington Clay and Field, some Fiocchi and my favorite Winchester 12ga 1oz Load. Obviously there is a balance of product VS shipping costs to be sorted out. If you are in the market, check out ‘White Birch Armory’. They have some good products in stock, decent prices on cases and flat rate shipping of $15 per every 50lbs of ammo. I ordered a few cases and they were shipped quickly via UPS.
Quick link here for Shotgun Ammo with #9 Shot

The Flyer for the Sportsmen’s Memorial is now available

Please remember to get a hold of Bruce Jones no later than 14 July to be able to obtain your base pass.
Click Here for the shoot flyer.

There is a new revision to the 2018 Schedule now available

Please check out ‘Updated Shoot Schedule 2018’ for the latest and greatest!

2018 Peace Arch Open at Lynden on May 19

Get a preview of the 2018 state shoot that will be held at Lynden in August!   Shoot 100 12-ga and 100 20-ga targets against one of the best backgrounds in the Pacific Northwest in this warm-up event.

Click here for the shoot flyer.