WSSA Bylaws

By-Laws  Washington Skeet Shooting Association

Article I:  Name

The name of this Association shall be Washington Skeet Shooting Association (herein identified as Association or WSSA).

Article II:  Purpose of the Association

The purpose of this Association shall be:

1. To constitute a central body for the coordination of skeet shooting in the state of Washington.

2. To facilitate the state’s affiliation and membership with the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), and to ensure that all skeet shooting activities within the state are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of that governing body.

3. To encourage, support, and coordinate the sport of skeet shooting at affiliated clubs within the state.

4. To prepare and submit to NSSA for  approval a schedule of matches and tournaments within the state for each shooting year.

5. To coordinate and manage an annual state championship tournament at a designated affiliate club.

Article III:  Membership

Membership shall consist of clubs and individuals.

1. Any organized skeet shooting club within the state that is a member of the NSSA may apply for membership in this Association.  Review and acceptance of the application will be made by the Association’s Executive Committee.

2. Any Washington state resident may apply for membership in the Association. Any Washington state resident participating in registered shoots within the state must be a member in good standing with NSSA and WSSA.

3. Military personnel who are NSSA members and on active duty at a military facility within the state may apply for membership in WSSA regardless of state residency. Military personnel who are NSSA members and on active duty at facility within the state on a temporary basis may participate in registered shoots without the requirement of WSSA membership.

4. All non-residents participating in registered shoots within the state will be required to pay WSSA daily fees unless waived by the Executive Board.



Article IV:  Representation of the Association’s membership

The Association’s membership shall be represented by an Advisory Board comprised of directors from affiliated clubs, a director for individual members at large, and National Directors of the NSSA board.

1. Each affiliated club shall be represented by a director for each increment of twenty (20) WSSA members, but shall never be represented by less than one director. A director must be a WSSA member.

2. WSSA members who are not members of an affiliated club shall be represented by a director at large appointed by the President.

3. The Association shall have representation on the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) board. These National Directors shall by elected by the WSSA membership in accordance with the criteria and procedures set forth by NSSA.

Article V:  Meetings

The Association shall hold a general membership meeting and an Advisory Board scheduling meeting each year.

1. A general membership meeting will be held annually at the state championship tournament. There shall be an election of officers at this meeting every two (2) years on the even year.     2. The date and location of an annual Advisory Board and scheduling meeting shall be determined by the President.  Additional Advisory Board meetings may be held at the call of the President.                 .

Article VI:  Officers

The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, and a Secretary-Treasurer.  All officers must be WSSA members.

The term of office shall be for two (2) years with no limits on subsequent terms if  elected by the general membership.

New officers shall assume office thirty (30) days after election.

All officers shall serve in an unpaid capacity unless authorized by a vote of the Advisory Board.


1. The President shall preside at all WSSA meetings and at all meetings of the Advisory Board.

2. Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the President may appoint an assistant to  the Secretary-Treasurer who shall have voting privileges in the absence of the Secretary-Treasurer.

3. The President shall appoint a nominating committee comprised of not  less than three (3) directors from the Advisory Board at least 90 days  prior to an election date for the purpose of selecting and presenting a slate of candidates to the general membership.  Additional             nominations from the floor will be accepted at the election.      President – continued

4. In the event of death, disability, or resignation of the Vice President or Secretary-Treasurer, the President shall appoint an interim replacement for the position until a permanent replacement can be determined by election at the next general membership meeting.


1. At the request of or in the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside at all meetings of the Association.

2. Prior to the annual membership meeting the Vice President shall audit  the financial records of the Secretary-Treasurer and report the  findings to the membership.

3. In the event of the resignation or disqualification of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Vice President shall immediately audit the financial records and report the findings to the Advisory Board.

4. In the event of the death, disability, or resignation of the President, the Vice President will automatically assume the presidency for the remainder of the term.


The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

1.  Maintain a record of all meetings of the Association and publish reports when appropriate.

2.  Prepare and maintain a roll of membership.

3. Prepare and maintain an accurate record of all receipts, disbursements, and expenses incurred by the Association. Be the custodian of all funds and hold these funds in a suitable account with a financial institution.

4. Provide a summary financial report to the Advisory Board at the annual scheduling meeting.

5. Prepare and maintain a suitable record of all scores and results of matches and activities sponsored by WSSA.       6. Prepare and submit all required reports to NSSA.

7. Prepare and submit all reports required by state and federal authorities.   Article VII:  Committees, Boards, and Functions

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Association.

The Executive Committee shall:   1. Meet when they deem necessary. A two-thirds (2/3) quorum must be present to conduct any business. Electronic and/or telephonic communication may be used to establish a quorum.

Executive Committee – continued

2. Be in general charge and control of the policies and property of WSSA, and have the authority to transact and dispose of any and all matters which of necessity cannot be brought before a regular meeting of the Advisory Board and/or the membership.

3. Any actions of the Executive Committee deemed unsound or improper by the Advisory Board may be vetoed by a petition of a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Advisory  Board.

4. Appoint committees as necessary and advisable.

5. Execute all contracts and agreements with at least two members of the Executive Committee.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board shall consist of the officers of the Association, the directors selected by the affiliated clubs, the director at large, the National Directors, and the immediate past president who shall serve with voting privileges for two (2) years.  All directors shall serve in an unpaid capacity.

1. Each director must be present and is empowered to cast one vote on any question coming before the Advisory Board.  A director if unable to attend a scheduled meeting may designate in writing a substitute WSSA member from that club.  Two-thirds (2/3) of the Advisory Board members shall be considered a quorum to conduct business.  Electronic and/or telephonic communication may be used to establish a quorum.

2. When so requested by the Executive Committee, the Advisory Board shall assist the Executive Committee in the conduct of its business

Chief Referee

The Chief Referee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee annually at the scheduling meeting.

The duties of the Chief Referee shall be:

1. Coordinate the shooting rules and requirements of the state championship tournament with the management of the host club.

2. Assist in the selection of qualified referees for the state championship tournament and assign duties as needed.                                 3. Officiate at the state championship tournament, and be the final authority on all matters of interpretation or dispute.




Article VIII:  Dues, Assessments and Fees

Club Dues, Fees, and Assessments    1. Annual club dues shall be paid in an amount determined by the Advisory Board upon acceptance into the Association, and thereafter at the Advisory Board and scheduling meeting.

2. Any assessments are due and payable fifteen (15) days from billing.

3. Daily fees for WSSA sanctioned shoots shall be set by the Advisory Board and must be collected from the participating shooters and be remitted in full with the shoot report to the Secretary-Treasurer.        4. Dues, fees and assessments must be paid in full to date before an accredited director is eligible to vote.

Individual Dues

1. Annual individual dues shall be paid in an amount determined by the Advisory Board upon joining, and thereafter on November 1st of each year. Existing life members shall pay no dues throughout the remainder of their membership.

2. It shall be the responsibility of the host club to determine that all WSSA members participating   in a registered shoot have paid their annual dues, and if not, collect the dues and remit to the             Secretary-Treasurer with the shoot report.

Article IX:  Expulsion and Reinstatement

1.  Any member may, upon a majority vote of the Advisory Board, be expelled for conduct deemed prejudicial to the Association.                        2. Any member expelled shall be so notified by the Secretary-Treasurer, and will be automatically ineligible to participate in any event held under the auspices of the Association, whether in progress or in the future.

3. An expelled member may petition the Advisory Board in writing for reinstatement.  Reinstatement may be granted with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of approval by the              board.

Article X:  State Championship Tournament

The Association shall plan, conduct, and administer an annual state championship tournament under written contract with the host club.

Article XI:  Dissolution

In the event that the Association, a Washington Corporation, should ever dissolve, its assets shall transfer to the Washington State Skeet Scholarship Fund (WSSSF), a Washington Corporation. In the event that WSSSF no longer exists at dissolution, the assets shall transfer to the National Skeet Shooting Association, a Texas Corporation.

Article XII:  Amendments

1. These By-Laws may be amended in whole or in part, altered, revised, or otherwise changed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members of the Advisory Board present and voting on the question.                         2. Proposed By-Law changes shall be distributed to all members of the Advisory Board with voting date and location set by the President.

3. Amended By-Laws, duly adopted and executed by the Association’s officers, shall replace any and all previous instruments.

This instrument, with revisions, was formally adopted by the Association’s Advisory Board on                           _______________________, 2012, at ____________________________________________.


President ______________________________________    Date ________________________

Vice President __________________________________    Date ________________________

Secretary-Treasurer ______________________________   Date ________________________