Hall of Fame

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1980**Chet FoucheJuly 19Spokane*
1980**Phil GigerJuly 19Spokane*
1980**Art WeaverJuly 19Spokane*
1981**Hal HuskinsonJuly 18Spokane
1981**Charles (Dee) MooreJuly 18Spokane
1982**E K Knott JrJuly 17Bremerton
1982**Erv WalkerJuly 17Bremerton
1983Keith BinderJuly 16Seattle
1984Norm AndersonJuly 14Spokane
1984**Jack PaxsonJuly 14Spokane
1985Glenda TreeJuly 13Bremerton
1985**Ron TreeJuly 13Bremerton
1986**Tom DurkanJuly 19Seattle
1989Roy Whipple JrAug 5Bremerton
1989**Alden HansonAug 5Bremerton
1990**Virgil WitteAug 4Custer
1991**Ken LouieAug 3Spokane
1993**Dave FunesAug 7Custer
1995**Court BallJuly 31Bremerton
1996**Jeff VanDenTopJuly 27Custer
1997Dennis JohnsonJuly 26Spokane
1998Bruce JonesAug 1Bremerton
1999Barbara ClarkJuly 29Custer
2000Roy WatanabeJuly 29Fort Lewis
2001Clyde SimmonsJuly 28Spokane
2002Dick KullbergJuly 27Custer
2006Bill FisherJuly 29Seattle
2006**Erv HumeJuly 29Seattle
2007Joe WardJuly 28Spokane
2008Mike ParrJuly 26Lynden
2009Mike MusgaAug 1Seattle
2012**RV Bob MillerJuly 21Seattle
2014E.K. Knott IIIJuly 19Lynden
2016Chip CosgroveAug 12Seattle
2018Larry ClarkAug 11Lynden
2019Eva FunesAug 10Seattle
2019Stephen DrusbyAug 10Seattle

*1980 induction held at Spokane during the Weaver and as a dedication of the WSSA Hall-Of-Fame