Tricky 50’s at McChord on Sat OCT 30th

Hey Everyone,

                Here is the flyer for the Tricky 50’s hosted by the McChord Sportsmen’s Club. As you might have guessed given the name of the shoot, there will be 50 targets in each of the four Gauges. Please contact Gil (info in flyer) by October 14th, if you need a base pass or have any questions. Thanks!

Green River Open at SST on August 20-22nd 2021

Hi Everyone,

                Here is the flyer for the Green River Open hosted by SST. This will take place on August 20-22nd. There will be 50 pairs of doubles on Friday, 12ga and 20ga on Saturday, followed by 28ga and 410 bore on Sunday. Please email Bill Fisher for pre-registration. One change to the flyer and that no lunch will be available at the club. Thanks

Sportsmen’s Memorial shoot at McChord July 31st-Aug 1st

Hi Everyone,

                Here is the flyer for the Sportmen’s Memorial shoot hosted by McChord Sportsmen’s Club. This shoot will take place on July 31st and August 1st. On Saturday there will be 100 12ga targets followed by 100 28ga Targets. On Sunday there will be 100 20ga targets followed by 100 410 bore. Since there is limited time to get a base pass, please call Gil Hildebrand directly at 1-253-468-9886 to work out base access. Thanks