Shoot Flyers – Zone 10

The program for the very first “Zone10” shoot is available.  Here’s what John Molsberry had to say:

Hi to all the Washington State Shooters.
Attached you will find the Program for the FIRST ever Zone 10 Skeet Championships.
This is the Northwest’s opportunity to confirm to the National Skeet Shooting Association, that we do have sufficient numbers to have a Zone 10, that our individual support is in favor of a Zone 10 and that we are not well represented in the NSSA as members of Zone 7, that we get little attention to our needs and efforts to have a hold a Zone shoot any where north of the California State Line.
We expect and hope for in excess of 70 participants.  YOU CAN HELP.  Even if you haven’t shot in years and even if you only shoot one gauge your participation in this shoot is important.
Please review the program and try to find the time to drive to Spokane and shoot whatever you can to make this first Zone 10 an event worthy of recognition as a Zone by NSSA.
Thank you
John Molsberry